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Stylish boards in top quality.

Radiance represents an explosive combination of top quality and radicality. Surfs are designed in Germany and manufactured in an Italian workshop with 30 years of experience. Thanks to the transfer of the know-how of German river surfers to the TwinsBros workshop, a combination of precision, art and craftsmanship in the highest class is created.

Team Radiance

Leon Bayer Big boss and board designer. He lives by surfing since he was little, thanks to his windsurfer dad. He has crossed the Atlantic and knows his way around the boards like no one else.

Anne Obermeier Co-creator of Radiance. She started surfing in Fuerteventura and from the movie "Blue Crush" she really got hooked. She travels, falls into the water, but still enjoys surfing.

Moritz Murauer Web wizard and board designer. From Regensburg to Indonesia. He used to jump off cliffs as a cliffdiver, now he runs rampant on the waves and is no stranger to the river.

twin bros factory surfboards technology

Made in Twins Bros Factory in Italy

Italians who have a simple philosophy: make boards that make surfers happy. Renato and Paolo have been at it for years and their goal is still the same - to offer quality boards that can be fully customized (shape, material, graphics, everything) and are made in Italy with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection. They say they like to listen to surfers and translate their experiences and feelings into board parameters.

With over 30 years of experience and experimenting with shaping since 1991, Twins Bros use CNC technology to develop models for all wave types and customize them down to the millimeter so that every surfer has a board that fits them.

And the materials? It is important to Twins Bros that they use only the best. Because the material has a lot to do with the board's performance, they spend a lot of time on research and development. Over time they have built strong partnerships with suppliers and have become official dealers in Italy for X-Tra foam blocks, Scarfini fins, resins and fiberglass.

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