Collection: Buster Surfboards

The company Buster Surfboards , a brand with a great ratio of performance-riding characteristics and price . They have surfboards from hybrid soft-hardshell models, through the FX series for universal conditions to sports models and stylish bamboo variants.

As surfers from Munich, they are at home on the river Eisbach. Their river surfing experience and relationships with other riders from all over Europe have made Buster Surfboards industry leaders and one of the most recognized brands in river surfing .
Whether you're a beginner or a pro, they have a board to suit you. They also offer a lot of proven accessories - fins (their fins are extremely popular), pads, board cases, leashes, etc.

The brand was founded in 2003 in Munich, Germany. They had a simple plan: make boards that would suit surfers far inland, while also appealing to the growing number of recreational surfers in Germany. And they still have this philosophy today. They work with surfers of all skill levels to develop the right board shapes to help people improve even when the conditions aren't ideal.

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