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Reservations for river surfing and other information about waves and many other services (wild water, yoga, parties, co-work, exercise...) can be found on Vlna Štvanice's website . In the shipyard of the Vlny Štvanice association, we also have our Surficata delivery point 📦

How to drive on Štvanice

The Vlna Štvanice project, in which we are also participants, gave life to the first river surf wave in Prague. Surfing in Štvanice offers ideal conditions for surfers of all levels. This wave, surrounded by wooden platforms and characterized by its clean shape, has a width of 7.5 meters, which allows the realization of a wide variety of river surf tricks. Beginner surfers will appreciate the easy entry and gentler current after falling into the water, which makes it an ideal place to take the first steps in river surfing. Surfing starts here by jumping or boarding from a wooden jetty, while a pop-up is not necessary, but possible.

As the flow of the Vltava is shared with the lock and power station, the character of the wave changes, adding to the excitement. This wave is definitely the best surfing in the region 🤙

The uniqueness of the wave at Štvanice lies in the fact that it can only be reached by water. You have to go around the locks, paddle to the concrete platform and walk about 100 meters along the seawall to the wave, which the instructor will explain in detail during the introductory lesson. This ensures that only active surfers will be on site without the presence of curious onlookers. This unintended fact creates a pleasant, club atmosphere even in the heart of the big city.

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