Collection: Surflogic Hardware

Surflogic Hardware are not just popular hangers. It's a great brand for surfers and people who love the outdoors. It was founded in 2005 in Spain, specifically in the Basque region. They first gained attention thanks to their super secure key boxes - this was a real hit with surfers and anyone who likes to be outdoors. But in 2018 they came up with something even better - the first wetsuit dryer that can dry a wetsuit, boots, gloves and hood in 20 minutes.

They have lots of other great stuff like drying systems, car accessories, waterproofs and technical clothing. Everything is made to help people who spend a lot of time by the water or outdoors as much as possible.

Surflogic tries to be responsible to nature as well. It gives a portion of the money from each sale to fight ocean plastics and sea pollution.

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