Surfaři  na Vltavě. Quiksilver lycry


He surfs and surfskates 24/7. Every year Tony moves to Portugal for the winter... to surf.

Muž surfař ukazuje shaka gesto, surf v ruce , žlutou helmu a Quiksilver lycru


The rider who, of all the riders, has the most visits to Vlna Štvanice, but also the most injuries 😇🤙. Creative artist and journalist (e.g. Maxim magazine for 12 years). In and in the Vlny Štvanice project, he has IT, propaganda and inventing ways to be seen.

We organized: World Riversurf Summit No. 1

River surfing, redbull stan, Vlny Štvanice, Praha

The waves of Štvanice

Our mother crew, base and delivery point. A new and high-quality river surfing wave in Central Europe. Built by DIY enthusiasts without state support. Book a ride at all year round.

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