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Radiance Surfboards

Radiance The Shiner - river surfboard

Radiance The Shiner - river surfboard

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The SHINER is an ideal board for beginners or weaker waves on the river. The higher volume and round shape lead to a more confident ride and help to progress quickly in river surfing. The board will help you fine-tune your style and focus on detail while riding.


The simple concave will forgive minor mistakes and the bottom surf will sit well on the wave. The rocker is gradual and thanks to this you can stay even in weaker and flatter waves. The tail is a little wider and that's why when you step on the tail when you carve, it throws a good spray. In the smallest version of the Shiner, you don't even have to worry about stronger waves.


Bottom: Single concave
Rocker: Medium
Nose: Round
Tail: Squash (medium wide)
Color: White
Fin setup: FCS II (FCS I)
Stringer: yes

We recommend this board in "PE" construction with PU core and epoxy glassing.

Brand Radiance

represents an explosive combination of top quality and radicality. Surfs are designed in Germany and manufactured in an Italian workshop with 30 years of experience. Thanks to the transfer of the know-how of German river surfers to the TwinsBros workshop, a combination of precision, art and craftsmanship in the highest class is created.


Thanks to more than 30 years of experience of the TwinsBros shapers, who have been experimenting with shapes and creating boards since 1991, and the precision of CNC technology, today they are able to develop and accurately imitate models for all types of waves with the ability to change all the basic parameters that characterize the shape of the board and make him unique and perfect to the millimeter. Guaranteeing the end customer a unique product with precisely defined parameters is an absolute priority for TwinsBros.


The quality of a surfboard with a good shape depends very much on the materials used. Boards of the same shape made of different materials will have different parameters. Twinbros has always strived to use the highest quality materials in its continuous research and development. For this reason, over the years it has built very strong partnerships with its suppliers and has become an official distributor of the X-Tra foam blanks, fin Scarfini, resin and fiberglass it uses.

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