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Solarez EPOXY Surf Repair

Solarez EPOXY Surf Repair

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It's a good idea to always have this tube of Solarez Epoxy on hand and use it to smear what is needed. There is probably no easier way to solve a hole in a board than to use UV active resin . It hardens in the sun or under a UV lamp (for example, the one for nails). Solares it is good to keep it ideally wrapped in food foil in the fridge so that it dries out as little as possible.


Basically, surfboard cores are made from two materials. Polystyrene (EPS) and Polyurethane (PU) . You can tell Polystyrene from Polyurethane by the fact that Polystyrene has a slightly coarser grain (you can google it). And now, Polystyrene is laminated with Epoxy resin , while Polyurethane is laminated with Polyester resin . That's why when you repair a surfboard, it's good to know what it's made of. Sometimes it happens that what works on EPS, makes a clearing on PU and vice versa. With us, you can find Solarez on both Epoxy (EPS) and Polyester (PU). If you are not sure, we recommend using Solarez Epoxy instead and it should be ok.

Solarez Epoxy is a mixture of high- strength resin with fibers that cures under UV radiation in three minutes. Solarez is in gel form, transparent and non-flammable.

Procedure: First, thoroughly clean the hole with a knife and, if necessary, cut off the chips. Then clean the hole and slightly roughen it with sandpaper so that the Solarez grips better. Somewhere in the shade, apply Solarez to the hole so that it fills the shape of the surf. Put the surfboard in the sun and wait 3 minutes. When the Solarez is rock hard, you can sand it smooth with sandpaper.


Application: Epoxy (EPS) surfboards
Packaging: 60 ml

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Extremne rychle dodani

Solarez za nejnizsi na ceskem trhu, velmi rychle dodani, moznost dopravy zdarma pri vyzvednuti v lodenici Vlny Stvanice.

Lots of things to surf