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RSPro nose smart saver

RSPro nose smart saver

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RSPro has made a surf tip protector for surfers that uses impact materials . It remains soft and flexible at rest, and upon impact, the molecules of the material come together, absorb and distribute the force of the impact. The nose of the surfboard is probably the most exposed part and at the same time the most fragile. Anyone who wants to avoid constant repairs should try nose saver. In combination with the rail saver, you will do your best to protect your pet.


Rail saver is soft and flexible in a calm state, its application is easy. The middle circle is glued to the tip of the nose. Then the left and right sides are slightly stretched and pressed against the edges. Finally, smooth around the radii. For a more pointed nose, there may be excess material at the tip. It is cut off or left. The RSPro rail saver is made of impact material. It will save most scratches and knocks. It is very light 9g and will not affect the riding characteristics of the surf. The black color has matte camouflage elements.


Dimensions: 22.5 x 6.6 cm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Color: Black camouflage
Weight: 9g
Material: Impact foam material
Production: Barcelona

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Jendnoduchá ochrana

Jednoduchý na aplikaci. Pěna je dobře ohebná, takže se přizpůsobila tvaru špičky. Lepidlo drží jako bejk. Přijde mi že je pěna tuhá, asi zachrání kdejaký ťukanec... super